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Hi there!

Thanks for checking out our blog. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Sarah & Cédric, two creatives born and raised in Belgium but too curious about the world to stay here. Our passion for travel and photography is what brought us together and it is exactly what we want to share with you through Coordinotes.

Why Coordinotes?
While we were converting our van, we got a lot of questions about the conversion. Therefor we wanted to create a place where we could gather and share all information and tips about our build. But with our passion for travel and photography we felt the urge to do even more: We wanted to share our travel adventures and inspire people with our travel experiences. That’s why we started taking notes about all coordinates we’ve been to.

Why we converted a van?
On the very first day we met, we already found out that we both had the dream to convert a van. As soon as the corona pandemic broke out and we started talking about our future travel plans, we just felt this was the sign to just go for it and fulfil this common dream.
After a lot of research, brainstorming and fantasizing, we decided to take action and to make things real. In October 2020 we bought our Sprinter and made our plans for the conversion. And so the story begun.

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