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The Ultimate 7-day Road Trip Through Jordan

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a wild ride through the unique landscapes of Jordan with Jordan Nomads and Travelbase! From ancient wonders to jaw-dropping viewpoints, Jordan is an incredible country full of surprises waiting to be discovered. This road trip took us along all the most beautiful sights in the country. For seven days, we drove along the most beautiful route in the Middle East and got to know the Jordanian people, culture and way of life. So, grab your camera, roll down the windows, and get ready to join us on this unforgettable road trip along the captivating wonders of Jordan! ​


General information

Jordan is a beautiful country with the most unique landscapes and many interesting sights such as ancient Roman cities, the desert, Petra… you name it. We are sure that a road trip is the best way to get the most out of your trip and see all Jordan’s beauty. Not only did we see the most beautiful sights, but we also enjoyed the most breathtaking views and drove through some incredible landscapes all along the way. 

Road trip with jordan nomads

We went on this road trip with Jordan Nomads, and we can assure you that this trip includes everything you need to fully experience Jordan. Planning a road trip is not always easy, which is why Jordan Nomads is the ideal solution to get you on your way. You can sleep on both ears, that after this trip, you have seen the most beautiful places of Jordan. On top of that, they provide your rental car and all overnight stays for you. The route will take you along many different sights and you can completely decide yourself which ones you like to see and which one you prefer to skip. To make your trip complete, Jordan Nomads can arrange some fun activities like snorkeling, a Wadi Rum jeep safari and a spa night for you along the route. Discovering a country has never been easier!

Unforgettable road trip with Jordan nomads

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Driving in Jordan

So how is driving in Jordan? We have experienced that the traffic rules in Jordan are largely the same as those in most parts of Europe, but that here they are seen more as a suggestion than that they are actually followed. Almost all roads are paved and generally in good condition.
You will also notice that locals often park their car in the most random places, but this is also considered normal.
The speed limits are generally well respected, so try to adapt your speed too for your own safety. Traffic can be chaotic at times, but we just went with the flow and tried to be patient. Be aware that drivers do not always stay on their track section and make sure they have seen you before you pass by. 


Watch out for speed bumps. Some are higher than you think and often they are the same color as the road. Sometimes they are indicated, other times not at all. It is mainly in the built-up area that you encounter them, but sometimes you do not expect them at all. So always pay close attention to the road.

The jordan pass

We believe the Jordan Pass is a must-have during your road trip through Jordan. This pass is an all-in-one ticket that will grant you access to some of the country’s most iconic attractions, simplifying your travel experience and saving you time and money. With the Jordan Pass, you can explore the mesmerizing ancient city of Petra, the majestic Roman ruins of Jerash, and the captivating desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, among other incredible destinations. Not only does the pass grant you entry to these must-see sites, it also includes a visa for Jordan, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for travelers. We were very happy with our Jordan Pass, because it probably saved us quite a bit of time, effort and money. So make sure to add this pass to your booking with Jordan Nomads. 

Day 1

Airport - Amman

38 KM - 45 MINUTES​

On the first day, you arrive at the airport of Amman, where you can pick up your rental car, which goes super smoothly. You don’t have to worry about anything because Jordan Nomads arranges everything for you!

This is the start of an amazing adventure. During the ride from the airport to the hotel in Amman, you will immediately be flooded with impressions of this amazing country: lights, sounds, colors and smells, even this ‘short’ ride captivated us.

Right after check-in, we dove into the city and looked for a nice place to eat. There is plenty of choice! 


Be sure to check out Rainbow Street. This is a colorful street full of restaurants and bars where many tourists come.

Day 2

Amman - Dana

195 km - 3h15

Today the adventure really starts! You can dive into the vibrant city center of Amman, with its interesting culture and fascinating history. We really liked visiting the various sites, such as the citadel and the Roman Theatre.
After Amman, you drive into the direction of the Dead Sea. On the way, we decided to make a stop at the Ma’In Hot springs, where you can take a dip in the water. We were literally blown away by the landscapes we drove through on our way there.
Once you reach the Dead Sea, it’s time for one of the most unique experiences on this trip: floating effortlessly in the super salty water. Definitely an experience not to be missed!

After all these new impressions, you can drive straight to the hotel in Dana and relax. The hotel is located at the top of a valley. We had dinner here with a beautiful view and we witnessed a gorgeous sunset. The perfect ending of our first full day in Jordan.


1. Amman Citadel

To our opinion, the Amman citadel is a sight you should not miss during this road trip. It is perched high on a hill in the heart of Amman, standing as a timeless testament to the city’s rich history. Besides being historically interesting, it also offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the modern city. We were really impressed to see the size and the different styles of the capital of Jordan. We could even see the Roman Theatre from here. 



Free entrance with Jordan Pass
3 JOD without Jordan Pass

Timetables & tickets

Saturday to Thursday: 8am - 7pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm

2. Roman theater

The Roman Theatre is a remarkable architectural masterpiece, located in the heart of downtown. We were captivated by its impressive size and how well-preserved the amphitheater is. With its capacity of 6000 spectators, it is the largest Roman Theatre in Jordan and it is still used today. If you are not afraid of heights, you should definitely go all the way to the top to get a good impression of the size of the theater. Be careful, because the stairs are steep!



Free entrance with Jordan Pass
2 JOD without Jordan Pass

Timetables & tickets

Sunday to Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday and Saturday: 8am - 10pm

3. King Abdullah I Mosque

The King Abdullah I Mosque is an iconic symbol of Jordan’s religious and architectural heritage. This majestic mosque has a striking blue dome and two elegant minarets. We were very surprised to see how simple yet impressive this place is. It is the only mosque in Amman where everyone is welcome. To enter, you must wear long trousers as a man and cover your head and arms as a woman. At the entrance, they will give you a robe if you are not wearing the right clothes. 



2 JOD per person

Timetables & tickets

Sunday to Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday and Saturday: 8am - 10pm

Ma-in hot spring

As we mentioned before, the road to Ma’In hot spring is an experience in itself with beautiful views through an impressive landscape. It was probably one of the most beautiful roads we drove on this road trip. At the hot spring you can take a (not so refreshing) dip in the hot water that fluctuates between 45 and 60 degrees Celsius. You will also see some beautiful waterfalls under which you can bathe.



15 JOD per person

Timetables & tickets

Every day: 9am - 9pm

Dead sea

We found the Dead Sea a very interesting place to visit during our road trip. It is actually a lake and not a sea. It is located 420 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on earth. Due to evaporation, the water drops another meter every year and becomes even saltier. For your reference: the Dead Sea has a salinity of 34%, the oceans have an average of 3,5%. 
Because of this saltiness, it is not possible to swim in the Dead Sea, but you can float in it. If you ask us: an experience that you should definitely have once in your life.

If you type in ‘Dead Sea Free Swimming’ in Google Maps, you’ll find an area where you can get in the water for free. Alternatively, you can enter the water for a fee at one of the luxury resorts, where you can also use the changing rooms, showers and swimming pools. Usually at these resorts, you can also smear yourself with mud, which turns out to be very good for your skin.

We went in the water at a free place. Unlike at the resorts, nothing is provided here for easy access to the water. You have to crawl over the salt, which is quite sharp. So it is best to provide some water shoes to protect your feet.


It is important to rinse the salt off your body with clean water immediately after floating. At the free places, you can often use a shower for about 2,5 JOD. You can also just take a few bottles of water with you and rinse yourself of with it. At the luxury resorts, you can simply use the showers. Do not stay in the water for more than 15 minutes, as the high salt concentration can cause dehydration and skin irritation.  Always keep your head above the water, and try not to get your hair wet. Don't go into the water with a wound, because it will be extremely painful. 

Day 3

Dana - petra

80 KM - 1H45​

On this day, there is little driving, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy a beautiful hike in the Dana Biosphere or in the Wadi Ghuweir canyon. Before you drive from the hotel to one of these hikes, you can make a short stop in the village of Dana, like we did.

After exploring the beautiful Wadi Ghuweir canyon or the Dana Biosphere, you drive further to your hotel. It is located near the entrance to Petra, which is scheduled for the next day. We couldn’t have wished for a better location to spend the night for our visit to Petra.

Wadi Ghuweir

We have chosen to hike the Dana Canyon or Wadi Ghuweir trail. And what a beautiful hike this was.

Wadi Ghuweir is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Jordan’s breathtaking landscapes. This stunning canyon is a nature lover’s paradise, with its towering cliffs, lush vegetation, and hanging gardens with palm trees. As we hiked through the Wadi, following the water, we were accompanied by small cascading waterfalls, natural rock formations, and a serene sense of tranquility. Behind every corner, we were blown away over and over again by the beauty of this very unique canyon. It is a true haven for hikers, photographers, and adventure enthusiasts. Therefore, we definitely recommend you to do this hike. For us, this was really one of the highlights of this trip.

The total length of the canyon is 14 km, but we did only the first 7 km from the start of the hike, because it is said to be the most beautiful part of the canyon. You can then just return and walk back to your car. Even if you walk back along the same route, it looks very different on the way back.


Start of the trail

We parked our car at the parking lot along the way
(Google Maps coordinates: 30.596938, 35.566431).
From here, you have to walk to the river to start the hike.
To get to the canyon you have to follow the water downstream!

Extra info

Wear good walking shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks. Expect your feet to get wet! This hike requires a certain level of fitness because you will have to climb over and down rocks with hands and feet. 

Day 4

Petra - Wadi Rum

111 km - 1h50

Big day! It is finally  time to visit Petra, the most famous landmark in Jordan. A day we had really looked forward to.

Depending on what time you get up, you’ll have a full day to explore the gigantic site of Petra. We definitely recommend you to go as early as possible. Not only to avoid the crowds, but also because you will need a lot of time to see the entire site. We walked about 20 km that day!

After a full day of exploring this unique world wonder, it is time to leave the hustle and bustle and drive towards the calm and quiet Wadi Rum desert. We left our rental car on a parking lot, where someone came to pick us up and bring us to the desert camp to spend two nights in the middle of the desert. Can it get even more unique? 


Let’s dive into probably the most famous sight of Jordan: Petra. This ancient “Rose City” is one of the world’s most extraordinary archaeological sites. Carved into sandstone cliffs, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fascinating blend of natural beauty and human craftsmanship. At the end of the Siq, the canyon pathway that leads to the city, the impressive Treasury suddenly looms between the cliffs. We literally got goosebumps when we saw the first glimpse of the Treasury. Beyond the Treasury, a world of wonders unfolds, revealing breathtaking tombs, temples, and amphitheaters carved into the vibrant rock formations.

Upon entering, we immediately walked to the Monastery after the Treasury. In this way, we had it all to ourselves. After the Monastery, we went to the Treasury viewpoint along the Al-Khubtha trail. We felt that this was the best way to avoid the crowd.

The Treasury
The Monastery
The Royal Tombs
Treasury Viewpoint

The Treasury

The Treasury is the most famous monument of Petra. It is entirely carved out of the rose-colored sandstone cliffs. It is the first building you see when you enter Petra through the gorge. This impressive sight, with its rich history, embodies the essence of Petra and will blow you away from the first glimpse. A true goosebumps moment that we'll never forget!


The Monastery

The Monastery is one of the largest monuments in Petra. It is 47 meters wide and 48.3 meters high. It is very similar to the Treasury, with the difference that the upper part comes out of the rocks. We thought it was at least as beautiful as the Treasury.



Al-Siq or just the Siq is a mesmerizing pathway that takes you into the heart of the ancient world of Petra. This narrow gorge has a length of 1200 meters, a width between 3 and 12 meters and a maximum height of 80 meters. It is flanked by towering sandstone cliffs, creating a dramatic entrance to the hidden city of Petra. At the end of the gorge, we were greeted with a breathtaking view of the iconic Treasury. With every step we took through this gorge, we felt the tension rise to the climax of the Treasury emerging. The biggest part of the gorge was created naturally; the rest was carved by the Nabataeans. Al-Siq used to be the main entrance to Petra. 


The Royal Tombs

The Royal Tombs lie in the heart of the old city. Their monumental size and richly decorated facades suggest that they were once built for wealthy and important people, including the kings and queens of the city. You pass by the Royal Tombs on your way to Treasury viewpoint along the Al-Khubtha trail. We liked that we could enter these tombs, unlike the Monastery and the Treasury, to see the inside.


Treasury viewpoint

There is a beautiful viewpoint on top of the cliff right in front of the Treasury. To get there you'll have to follow the Al-Khubtha trail all the way to the end. Know that you will have to climb a lot of stairs to get here, but it is really worth it.

The viewpoint is located in the 'house' of a local resident. He asks to buy a drink in exchange for entering his house, which we think is a fair deal. The drink was certainly welcome after the tough walk.



Free with the Jordan Pass
50 JOD without Jordan Pass

Opening hours

6am - 6pm
Opening hours depend on the season or month of your visit.
Find all current opening hours on their website.

Extra information

Wear good hiking shoes and bring sun cream, a hat and plenty of water and snacks, because you'll have to walk quite a distance and climb a lot of stairs.

How to visit petra in jordan: a complete guide

Read more

Day 5

Wadi Rum

No driving today

After your first night under the stars in the desert, it is time to explore more of the Wadi Rum. You can either do this with a jeep safari, that you can book in advance with Jordan Nomads (we highly recommend!) or you can venture into the desert on foot (just make sure you always follow a clear path and always know the way back).

Back at the camp, you can have a rest and wait for the sun to set. At this time, we went into the desert again (not too far, so we could still find our way back), found ourselves a good rock and enjoyed a magical sunset in this breathtaking landscape. It is one of the most unique places we have ever witnessed a sunset. 

We also set an alarm clock at night to look at the stars and the Milky Way, which you can see very clearly, and let an alarm go off early in the morning as well to witness an incredible sunrise.

Wadi Rum jeep safari

If someone asks us what you should definitely do in Jordan, we would say without a doubt a Wadi Rum jeep safari. Jump in the back of a safari jeep and let the wind blow through your hair as you tear over the beautiful sand dunes and between the impressive rock formations of the Wadi Rum. Along the way, we had the chance to try sandboarding where you slide down a sand dune with a snowboard. The driver also stops a few times to show you certain viewpoints and interesting places, and to drink tea in several huts in the desert. In the afternoon, we got a delicious lunch before returning to the camp, where we spent some time with the other people who were doing the same trip. Definitely another highlight for us!


In the desert, you will have no service or internet. Therefore, it's the ideal opportunity to enjoy the peace and sociability with other people to the fullest. 

Day 6

Wadi Rum - Aqaba

71 KM - 1H​

On day 6, you leave the peace of the desert and drive all the way to the big city Aqaba, where you can take some rest and relax at the Red Sea. For us, it was the perfect place for a day at the beach and a cocktail on a sunny terrace. 

Red sea

The Red Sea is definitely our favorite sea so far! It is one of the most tropical seas in the world and contains over 200 different species of coral and thousands of fish and invertebrates. This is all due to its high temperature (between 25 and 28 degrees Celcius). This makes it the ideal place for snorkeling and diving. That’s why we love this sea so much! You can choose to book a 2 hours snorkel tour with a guide, who will show you the underwater world of the Red Sea. If you’re not into snorkeling, you can also just relax on the beach and go for a swim in the clear waters. 


The rest of your day, you can spend strolling through the city center of Aqaba. Here we found many lovely places to have a drink and we had plenty of choice of restaurants for lunch and dinner. The perfect moment and place for cocktail o’clock, if you ask us. 

Day 7

Aqaba - Jerash

406 KM - 6H10​

Today you cover the longest distance of the entire road trip. You drive from Aqaba all the way to Jerash. Along the way, there were a few interesting places where we could stop, to break the long trip. There is a shorter way to get from Aqaba to Jerash, but we loved the mapped out detour that Jordan Nomads suggested. This way, we drove along a different road than we did on the way there and we saw see things along the way that we had not seen yet in this breathtaking Jordan.

In the evening, you will sleep close to the archeological site of Jerash, which we found very convenient to be able to visit it early the next morning.

Grand canyon viewpoint

One of the beautiful stops on this route is the Grand Canyon View. It is a panoramic view of one of the many canyons in the region. We found it definitely worth stopping there to enjoy the view. There is a small cafe, where you can also go to the toilet and have a drink.


Another interesting place we passed by was Madaba. This city is located on a mountaintop with a view of the Dead Sea. It has one of the largest Christian communities in Jordan, so you will find many nice churches, including the St John church. In this church you will not only find the largest and most famous mosaic of Madaba, but you also have a beautiful view of the area from the tower, which makes it definitely worth a visit.

In addition to the churches, we also found a cozy neighborhood full of restaurants and souvenir shops in the center. We thought this was the perfect place to stop for lunch, and break the trip of this day. 

Lunch tip!

Kawon's kitchen. It is a bookstore with a nice cafe, a big garden and a delicious vegetarian kitchen. 

Day 8

Jerash - Amman

75 km - 1h10

The last day of this road trip is definitely not the least. You have plenty of time to explore the archeological site of Jerash and any sights in Amman you missed on your first day of this adventure. We still had to visit the King Abdullah I Mosque, because it was closed when we were there the first time. We had plenty of time for this and could even enjoy more of Amman a bit.

Unfortunately, in the late afternoon, it was time to return your car at the airport and say goodbye to this incredible country. We boarded the plane with many great memories and new experiences. A trip that we will definitely never forget.


Talk about an impressive ending! The archaeological site of Jerash is a captivating window into the grandeur of the Roman Empire in the heart of Jordan. It is considered one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world and we could definitely see why. You can clearly see the remains of cobbled streets, surrounded by columns, temples, large theaters, squares, baths, fountains and city walls. Our jaws dropped by seeing how well everything has been preserved here. You can really imagine what it must have looked like here back in time!



Free with the Jordan Pass
10 JOD without Jordan Pass

Opening hours

Opening hours depend on the season or month of your visit. Find all current opening hours on their website.

Extra information

Wear good hiking shoes and bring sun cream, a hat and plenty of water and snacks, because you'll have to walk quite a distance and climb a lot of stairs. 

Extra information

From the vibrant streets of Amman to the timeless wonders of Petra and the breathtaking deserts of Wadi Rum, this journey has been an unforgettable adventure. During these 7 days, we were blown away every day again by interesting sights, impressive landscapes and unique experiences. Words cannot describe what we saw and felt during this adventure. The only way to experience this feeling, is to go on this journey yourself and drive your 4×4 through the breathtaking landscapes of Jordan.

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