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The 6 Most Beautiful Places in Jordan

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is a land full of impressive landscapes and interesting site. Its most famous sight is the fascinating Petra, but the whole country is full of breathtaking natural landscapes. In this blogpost, we've summed up the 6 most beautiful places in Jordan that you should definitely visit on your journey through this captivating country.


Wadi Ghuweir

If you like hiking through a unique landscape, the Wadi Ghuweir is a must visit in Jordan. It is a true hidden gem in the heart of Jordan’s breathtaking landscapes. This stunning canyon is a nature lover’s paradise, with towering cliffs, lush vegetation, and hanging palm tree gardens. As we hiked through the Wadi, following the water, we were accompanied by small cascading waterfalls, natural rock formations, and a serene sense of tranquility. Behind every corner, we were blown away over and over again by the beauty of this very unique canyon. 

The total length of the canyon is 14 km, but we did only the first 7 km from the start of the hike, because it is said to be the most beautiful part of the canyon. You can then just return and walk back to your car. Even if you walk back along the same route, it looks very different on the way back.


How to get there

You can park your car at the parking lot along the way
(Google Maps coordinates: 30.596938, 35.566431).
From here, you have to walk to the river to start the hike.
To get to the canyon, you have to follow the water downstream!

Other information

Wear good walking shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks. Expect your feet to get wet! This hike requires a certain level of fitness because you have to climb over and down rocks with hands and feet. 


A visit to Jordan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its vibrant capital. It is a city with an interesting culture and fascinating history. There are plenty of sites to visit, where you can learn more about the culture and the history of Jordan and Amman. To our opinion, a few must visit places are Amman Citadel, the Roman Theatre and the King Abdullah I Mosque. In the evening, you can go for a stroll through Rainbow Street, a colorful street full of restaurants and bars where you can meet many other tourists.


Petra, also called the “Rose City”, is probably the most famous place of Jordan. It is one of the world’s most extraordinary archaeological sites. Carved into sandstone cliffs, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a fascinating blend of natural beauty and human craftsmanship. At the end of the Siq, the canyon pathway that leads to the city, the impressive Treasury suddenly looms between the cliffs. We literally got goosebumps when we saw the first glimpse of the Treasury. Beyond the Treasury, a world of wonders unfolds, revealing breathtaking tombs, temples, and amphitheaters carved into the vibrant rock formations. A visit to Petra literally feels like stepping back in time.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the perfect destination for travelers seeking for adventure and a unique desert experience. It is a breathtaking desert wilderness located in southern Jordan, also known as the Valley of the Moon. It’s a place of awe-inspiring landscapes, dramatic sandstone mountains, and a very serene beauty. If someone asks us what you should definitely do in Jordan, we would say without a doubt a Wadi Rum jeep safari. Jump in the back of a safari jeep and let the wind blow through your hair as you tear over the beautiful sand dunes and between the impressive rock formations of the Wadi Rum. If you have the chance, you should also stay at least one night in the desert. The sunsets and sunrises here are one of the most beautiful we have ever witnessed. 


The archaeological site of Jerash is a captivating window into the glory of the Roman Empire in the heart of Jordan. It is considered one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world and well… it’s very obvious why. You can clearly see the remains of cobbled streets, surrounded by columns, temples, large theaters, squares, baths, fountains and city walls. We are sure your jaw will drop by seeing how well everything has been preserved here. You can really imagine what it must have looked like here back in time!

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a super fascinating place in Jordan. Did you know that it is actually a lake and not a sea? It is located 420 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on earth. Due to evaporation, the water drops another meter every year and becomes even saltier. For your reference: the Dead Sea has a salinity of 34%, the oceans have an average of 3,5%. 
Because of this saltiness, it is not possible to swim in the Dead Sea, but you can float in it. If you ask us: an experience that you should definitely have once in your life. There are some areas where you can enter the water for free. Or you can go to one of the luxury resorts, where you can make use of the facilities. 


It is important to rinse the salt off your body with clean water immediately after floating.

Do not stay in the water for more than 15 minutes, as the high salt concentration can cause dehydration and skin irritation. 

Always keep your head above the water, and try not to get your hair wet.

Don't go into the water with a wound, because it will be extremely painful. 

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