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Best Things to Do in Limburg, Belgium

Limburg is one of the five Flemish provinces in Belgium and can be found in the north east of the country. This province has something for everyone. The entire region is a combination of pleasant cities and beautiful nature. Cycle through the Meuse valley and Haspengouw, or visit cities such as Hasselt, Genk and Sint-Truiden.​


Terhills - National Park Hoge Kempen​

Terhills is the main gateway to the National Park Hoge Kempen and is located on the former site of the Eisden coal mine. In the National Park you can enjoy surprising landscapes of green hills with spectacular panoramas, including the most beautiful view of Belgium.
There are still a few buildings left from the mine, including the two head-frames of the mine shafts. In the meantime, the remaining mining heritage has been protected as a monument.

The whole area is still fenced, because the area was not accessible to visitors in the past. Terhills is the ideal place to start your walk and explore the National Park Hoge Kempen.
There are 3 different walking routes:
The green route (3.6 km) takes you in one hour over the long slag heap to the panorama point.

The blue route (5.4 km) goes to the panorama point and around the small pond of the Terhills Cable Park, a unique water-skiing park.

The purple route (9.5km) goes all the way around the large pond and gives you a beautiful panorama of both the long slag heap and the twin slag heap.


Next to Terhills you can go shopping in the outlet shopping center Maasmechelen village.



Entrance to the park is free

Opening hours

April to September: daily 10am - 6pm
October to March: daily 10am - 5pm
Closed on December 24th, 25th and 31st and January 1st. 

C-mine - Genk​

At the former mining site of Winterslag, you can find C-mine. There is a lot to do both in and around the former mining buildings. You can go on C-mine expedition, an underground experience through the old airway of the mine, that will learn you more about Genk’s rich mining past. But C-mine also presents a year-round artistic program of projects, exhibitions and performances. In between the two mining headstocks you can get lost in an artistic labyrinth.

It is a creative hotspot where design, art, creativity and innovation meet.



C-mine expedition
Adults: € 10

Opening hours

Daily: 10am-5pm
Closed on Monday

Site and Labyrinth are open permantenly

Cycling through the trees - Hechtel-Eksel​​

‘Fietsen door de bomen’ or ‘Cycling through the trees’ is a cycle path in Hechtel-Eksel  that brings you up to 10 meters high between the treetops. It consists of a double circle and is 700 meters long in total.
The poles supporting the cycle path resemble the straight trunks of the surrounding trees, making the path blending in with the environment.
Decades ago these trees were planted to be used as mining wood. But due to the closure of the mines, these trees were never felled. Now a forest management plan controls the situation so other smaller trees are given more space and light to grow as well.
The felled trees are now part of the pavilion at the entrance of Fietsen door de Bomen.

Not able to go there with your own bike? No problem: Also walkers and joggers are free to use this beautiful path that makes you one with nature. Or you can rent a bike in the surrounding area, as Limburg has a large cycle route network to offer.

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Cycling through the heath​

Cycling through the Heath takes you straight through the Hoge Kempen National Park. Extensive pine forests and endless heath landscapes alternate in this park. You cycle across the Mechelse Heath, which with 700 hectares is one of the largest heathland areas in Flanders. is. The top experience is the almost 300 meter long wooden bicycle bridge. On top of the bicycle bridge you get a wide view of the natural environment.

Beautiful places in belgium you must visit

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Cycling through the water - Bokrijk

In Limburg you can not only cycle through the trees, but also through the water. ‘Cycling through the Water’ in Bokrijk is a unique cycling experience where you cycle more than 200 meters straight through the water. The cycle path leads you right through a pond, all the way from one bank to the other. In the middle, the water is at eye level on both sides. You can feel, see and smell the water. And you can get really close to the birds floating on the water.

When you watch from a distance it’s funny to see people’s heads pass by in the water.
Despite its name, just like cycling through the trees, the path is also accessible to walkers and joggers.


In Bokrijk you can also visit the open-air museum, where you can view many historic buildings and cultural heritage. 

Art spread throughout the region​​

Spread throughout the region you can find various works of art. Most of them are located in and around Borgloon, but also in other cities you can find artworks.

Untitled #158

Untitled #158 is an architectural structure of Aeneas Wilder in the landscape near the Colen Monastery in Kerniel. This round construction with a beautiful 360 ° view is delineated by uniform vertical wooden slats. Walking around in this artwork refers to the religious and is reminiscent of walking around a monastery.

With this artwork, the artist wanted to ensure that visitors can focus their thoughts and emotions with a beautiful landscape as a background.

Reading between the lines

Reading between the lines represents a see-through church and is created by the architect duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. It is 10 meters high and it consists of 100 layers of steel plate, stacked on top of each other. The construction weighs about 30 tons. The way it is constructed ensures that the landscape always remains visible, both from a distance and up close. In this way the church is present, but at the same time absent from the landscape.


Helsheaven is an artwork on the highest point of Helshoven. From this point you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape of Haspengouw. This artwork is made of 90 fifty years old cherry trees that were infected with a contagious plant disease. In this way the trees were given a second life. The work represents a floating chapel and it symbolizes the dynamic landscape of Haspengouw.

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Blossoms in spring - Haspengouw​

Haspengouw is the fruit region in the south of Belgian Limburg. The sloping landscape in this region makes it the perfect place to cultivate fruit and wine. When exploring the area during spring you will be amazed by the amount of beautiful blossoms and fruit. And there’s more: due to the rich past of Haspengouw, you will also find enchanting castles, handsome square farms, and a large collection of monuments, churches and other historic buildings. And on top of that, you can also taste all the local delicacies here!

The region is best known for its beautiful cycling and walking routes, but we think the best way to explore this area is by Vespa of Vespa Haspengouw.

Hop on a Vespa and cruise through the fruity landscapes of Haspengouw at your own pace.
They will not only provide you with a well-equipped and maintained Vespa. They also offer you various routes to explore the region, along the beautiful blossoms, historical monuments, castles, churches and other wonderful hidden gems. And on top of that they can also provide a delicious picnic breakfast or lunch for on the road.

Bridge of Vroenhoven

The bridge of Vroenhoven is a bridge over the Albert Canal near Vroenhoven. This particular bridge played an important role in the start of the second world war. Underneath the bridge there’s a visitor center/museum where you can find more information about the beginning of WOII, but also about the world of inland navigation

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