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Exploring Magical Seiser Alm: A Complete Guide

Seiser alm, also known as Alpe di Suisi, is the biggest and highest mountain meadow in Europe. It has an area of 57 km² and lies at an altitude of 1680m to 2350m. In winter it is the ideal place for a winter sport vacation. In summer it is a beautiful area to enjoy numerous walks through this wavy landscape surrounded by those impressive mountain ranges.

There are various cable cars and lifts that'll take you from one place to another or can you explore the area only by foot along many different hiking trails. 


When to visit Seiser Alm​

As we told you before, during summer Seiser Alm is a true hiking paradise, while during winter the whole meadow gets covered in a white snow carpet. The best time to visit Seiser Alm is during spring and autumn, when temperatures are most pleasant and it is not too crowded in the meadow. During the summer months July and August it can get really crowded in the Seiser Alm area.

The views in Seiser Alm are at their best during sunrise and sunset, when you can see the sun’s rays move across the meadow and the colors slowly change. So you best go there really early and avoid the crowd. Or you can spend the whole day exploring this magical place and wait for the sun to set to enjoy a beautiful ending of your day at Seiser Alm.

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How to reach seiser alm

Seiser alm can be reached by car but only before 9am and after 5pm during high season. In between these hours the road to the top is closed and you can only go up by cable car or by bus. Driving down is allowed 24/7. There is only one exception : If you booked a stay within Seiser Alm, you’ll receive a permission to drive up the road between 9am and 5pm but ONLY on the day of your check-in. 
During the off-season the Seiser Alm cable car remains closed and therefore the road up to Compatsch is open to private traffic all day long. 

By Car – If you want to go up by car there are two options. The first option is driving all the way up to Compatsch (before 9am or after 5pm during high season). Here you can park your car at a parking lot P2 for €24. Don’t go any further with your car as it is forbidden to drive through Seiser Alm.
During off-season the price of the parking area P2 in Compatsch is then €12.

The other option is driving until a second parking lot a little before the center of Compatsch: Parkplatz P1 Spitzbühl. This parking lot is free, but you will have to make a short walk up to Compatsch and the meadow of Seiser Alm. At this parking lot you see a lift on your right-hand side and kind of a path going to the left. Turn your back to the lift and take the path on the left as this will take you to the walking area of Seiser Alm.
The path is not indicated, but follow your feeling in the direction of Seiser Alm or use google maps. 

By cable car – During summer season the Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway is open from the end of May to the beginning of November, daily from 8am to 6 or 7pm. During the winter season the Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway is open from the beginning of December to the beginning of April, daily from 8am to 6pm.

You can find all current opening hours on here

You can take the cable car in Seis Am Schlern to Compatsch: a double ride costs you €24, a single ride cost €16. During the off-season the Seiser Alm cable car remains closed and therefore the road up to Compatsch is open to private traffic all day long. The price of the parking area P2 in Compatsch is then €12

You can park your car for free in the large open car park at the vally station of the Seiser Alm cable car in Seis am Schlern. Or you can park your car at the great car park with two parking levels on the Valley Station. Price: €1,50/hour, max. €6.00/day.

By Public Transportation – You can take the Seiser Alm Express (bus Route 10) from Seis am Schlern via Kastelruth to Seiser Alm. The bus is included in the Combi Card or the Nordic Pass. If you don’t have one of these passes, you can purchase a round-trip tickets on the bus for €24.

Keep these things in mind when visiting Seiser Alm, to make sure you don’t have to encounter any unpleasant surprises.
However, don’t let this stop you from visiting this beautiful place and enjoying some beautiful walks through this wonderful landscape. 


Find even more practical information on their official website here

What does it cost

Parking Lot
Only reachable before 9am and after 5pm in high season.
P2 Compatsch: €24 
P1 Spitzbühl: free

Off-season the price of P2 Compatsch is only €12

Cable Car Seiser Alm to Compatsch
Double: €24
Single: €16

Bus Seiser Alm Express
Route 10 – Round Ticket: €24

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The most beautiful view in Seiser Alm

Seiser Alm has many different hiking trails to explore the area. You can easily spend a whole day hiking around this mountain meadow. But there is this one gorgeous and probably most famous spot in Seiser Alm with all these little cabins in the green wavy carpet landscap and the mountains outstanding in the background. And we’ll explain where to find this place.

From Compatsch you’ll have to walk about 3,7 km and it’ll take you 45 minutes to one hour to reach this place. You start your hike at parking lot P2 in Compatsch. So if you’ve parked your car at P1 Spitzbühl you first have to walk up the short hike we talked about above. From P2 you start walking straight ahead for about 2kilometers, until you come to an Y-junction. Here you go left and after about 150meters you come to another Y-junction and here you go right and keep on following the paved road. From here the road goes up for a while, but then it flattens again. After around 1,5 kilometers you’ll get to this amazing view over the meadow of Seiser Alm and the surrounding mountain ranges. If you want to use google maps you can search for Belvedere dell’Alpe di Suisi.
It’s a beautiful hike along the meadows with those little wooden cabins and you’ll get wonderful views over the entire environment.

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