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12 Most Beautiful Places in South Norway

From impressive waterfalls and stunning fjords to endless views and high mountain peaks, Norway has it all. The country not only has a lot to offer, but also has a gigantic surface area. So where should you start or which things should you visit? We've listed the 12 most beautiful places and views from central Norway and the west fjords for you.​


Stegastein viewpoint

Stegastein viewpoint is a viewing platform with panoramic view 650 metres above Aurlandsfjord. It is part of the National Tourist Road, from Aurland to Lærdal, also known as “The snow road”.

The wooden platform juts 30 meters from the mountainside and it is one of the most photographed viewpoints in the region. And we can easily see why. The panoramic view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains is just breathtaking.

You can reach the viewpoint by car. In summer you can drive to Stegastein from both Flåm and Aurland. During winter the road is closed just above Stegastein, so you can only drive up from Flåm.


Bondusvatnet glacier lake is one of the most popular hikes in the Hardanger region. The hike is short, not demanding and you can do it all year round. The colors of the lake, the unique landscape and the glacier in the background make Bondhusdalen one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway.

The hike is an out & back trail of in total 4,5km over a gravel road. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach the lake, so the total hike is around 1,5hrs. If you want to go all the way to the glacier, you’ll have to walk 30 minutes to reach the glacier. For the parking lot, you have to pay a fee of 100NOK (€9).

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Preikestolen or Pulpit rock is a cliff that rises 604 meters above the Lysefjord. It is one of the most iconic natural landmarks in Norway and is over 10.000 years old. Also the hike to this amazing scenery is breathtaking and will reward you with the most incredible views over the Lysefjord. The hike to Preikestolen is around 4km, so the total hike is 8km. You will have to ascend in total 500 meters to reach the top.

Hike to preikestolen: a complete guide

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Vøringsfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. It is 182 meters high in total, with a free fall of 145 meters. What makes this waterfall so beautiful is that it is located in a steep, fairytale-like gorge: the Måbødalen valley. It is located next to the famous Hardanger tourist road RV7 and there are multiple viewing options.

7 beautiful waterfalls to visit in Norway

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Rampestreken (Romsdalseggen)

Rampestreken viewpoint provides a fantastic view over the valley of Andalsnes in Norway. You can either hike up to this viewpoint or you can make it yourself easier and take the cable car. 

You pass this viewpoint during the Romsdalseggen hike, one of the most beautiful hike in Norway. But you don’t have to do the full hike to enjoy this beautiful view.

The complete Romsdalseggen hike is 10.3 km. If you hike it in the direction of Andalsnes, you will come across the viewpoint on your final descent.

We chose to take the cable car up and walk back down.


The hike

The hike to Rampestreken viewpoint 
- 2km one way
- 520m elevation (steep and tough!)

Cable Car

Single: 360 NOK (€ 31)
Return: 540 NOK (€ 48)


The Geirangerfjord is the most famous and one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. It is a 15 kilometer long arm of the Storfjord.
The fjord has several waterfalls and is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions. Since 2005 the fjord is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

There is so much to see and to do in this region:

  • Rib boat tours
  • Kayaking
  • Different hiking trails
  • Geiranger Sky walk
  • Explore many waterfalls in the region, such as the Storsæter waterfall and the Seven Sister waterfall.
  •  … and so on.

On top of that Geiranger has the Sustainable Destination certificate, which means this destinations systematically try to counteract the negative impact of tourism. Bonuspoints!

7 beautiful waterfalls in Norway

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Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park is a national park in Norway. It is also called the land of the giants as you will find over 250 mountains of almost 2000 meters high in this park. It is one of the most popular areas of the country for mountain climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities and it is known to have some of the best hikes in Norway.


The Besseggen hike is the most beautiful hike in Jotunheimen. It is also one the most famous hikes and mountain ridges in Norway. During the hike you get a spectacular view with Gjende and Bessvatnet separared with just this small ridge that you will walk on.

About the hike


14 km

Height difference


Total elevation



5 to 6 hours



difficulty level

Easy - Moderate - Difficult - Expert


The Knutshøe is a mountain in Jotunheimen Park on the other side of the Gjende lake, where you find the Besseggen hike. It is a 1517 metre-high-peak from where you have marvelous views over the surrounding peaks and lakes. The Knutshøe is often referred to as the little brother of the Besseggen hike. 

About the hike


12,6 km

Height difference


Total elevation



4 to 5 hours



difficulty level

Easy - Moderate - Difficult - Expert

The Knutshøe Hike in the Jotunheimen Park

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With a free fall of 275 meters Vettisfossen is Norway’s largest protected/unregulated waterfall and we have to admit that the waterfall is quit powerful. It is located in a protected area in Utladal, near Øvre Årda.

When hiking to the Vettisfossen waterfall, you will not only be rewarded with this powerful beauty, but you can also enjoy many other beautiful waterfalls along the way: Hjellefossen, Avdalsfossen and many other little waterfalls spread throughout the valley.

Hike to Vettisfossen: A Complete Guide

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Trolltunga (literally translated as troll tongue) is without a doubt one of the most scenic and most famous rock formations in Norway. It is a spectacular cliff hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake.

To reach this cliff you will have to take a long and demanding hike, but you will be rewarded with some breathtaking views.

We recommend that you go as early as possible, or even spend the night at the Trolltunga. Since this is one of the most famous places in Norway, it can get incredibly busy here. We have even heard that it sometimes takes hours to queue for a photo.