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If you are fond of spending your holiday in the mountains, you should definitely visit Austria. 

Austria is an alpine country and most of its surface is covered with mountains. There are many different mountain areas and mountain ranges, each with their own characteristic appearance. From a rolling mid-mountain range to pointed limestone peaks. In summer Austria is the ideal place for impressive hikes and in winter the country transforms into a real ski paradise. 

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Austria is during spring, between April – May, and in fall, between September – October. The weather is excellent for outdoor activities, and it is less crowded.

In the high tourist season, between June and August, the weather is excellent with a lot of sunny days, but expect more tourists being around.

During Winter, Austria is the perfect destination for you ski holidays, as there’s always a lot of snow in the mountains.


The official language in Austria is Austrian German. In addition almost half of the country also speaks English, making it the second most spoken language in Austria.

The official currency in Austria is Euro (€) and you can pay by card almost anywhere. If not, you will find an ATM in every village where you can withdraw money.

Austria is a member of the European Union and Schengen Area, making it easy for travelers from other EU countries to visit without a visa.

This also means that the European roaming regulation applies here and you can therefore use your mobile data if you come from another EU country.

Tipping in Austria is common. It is normal to add 5% to 15% to the bill so it’s rounded up to a convenient number.

You can drink the tap water in Austria—it’s some of the best in the world!

Austria has two types of of power plugs: Type C and F. They operate on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

The time zone in Austria in summer is GMT+2 and in winter is GMT+1.

Capital City



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Euro – €


Austrian German

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Power plugs

C and F

Time zone

Winter GMT +1
Summer GMT +2

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