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Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Faroe Islands almost literally means sheep islands, which is not surprising since there are more sheep than people living on the islands. Besides the sheep, the islands also have some of the most unique landscapes you’ve ever seen, with vertical drop-offs and cliffs rising straight from the Atlantic Ocean.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit the Faroe Islands is during summer, from June to August. During this period you have the best chance of good weather, but this is never guaranteed on the Faroe Islands.

Outside the summer season temperatures remain quite mild, but it can be very wet. Also the days will be shorter, so you’ll have less time to explore.


The official language in the Faroe Islands is Faroese, which is most similar to Icelandic, and Danish. In addition English is also widely spoken among the inhabitants.

The official currency in Faroe is Danish krone (DKK) and you can pay by card almost anywhere. If not, you will find an ATM in every village where you can withdraw money.

Tipping is not part of the culture in the Faroe Islands, and is not expected. A service charge is always included in your bill. If the service was outstanding and you really want to tip, you can just round up the bill.

It is perfectly safe to drink fresh water from the tap.

In Faroe Islands electrical sockets and plugs are type C, E, F and K and are common to most European countries. They operate on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

The time zone on the Faroe Islands is GMT+1.

Important note

Faroe Islands is NOT part of the EU. European roaming charges don't count here. It is therefore best to buy a local SIM card locally (e.g. at the airport) to be able to use mobile data at low cost.

It is also not part of the Schengen area. Therefore a visa to Denmark and a Schengen visa does not give access to the Faroe Islands. Citizens from EU or Schengen countries do not need a visa to enter., but it is recommended to alwasy recheck visa requirements before your visit.

Capital City



± 54.000


Danish Krone – DKK


Faroese & Danish

Driving side


Calling code


Power plugs

C, E, F and K

Time zone

Winter GMT +0
Summer GMT +1

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