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Welcome to Gibraltar, where you can literally feel like you’re standing on top of the world (or at least, the tip of the Iberian Peninsula). This tiny slice of land may be just 2.6 square miles, but it packs a big punch in terms of scenery, history, and of course, those famous cheeky monkeys. So, whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or just looking for some sun, sea, and sand, Gibraltar is a destination that should not be missed.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Gibraltar is during the spring (March to May) or the autumn (September to November) when there are less crowds and the weather is mild, with comfortable temperatures. 

The summer months (June to August) are the peak tourist season in Gibraltar, and the temperatures can soar up to 30°C or more. However, if you enjoy hot weather and want to take advantage of the beaches and water activities, then this may be the best time for you to visit.

Winter (December to February) in Gibraltar can be rainy and chilly, with temperatures averaging around 15°C.


Because Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, the official language is English. Most locals are bilingual and also speak Spanish.

The official currency in Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Pound (£) and you can pay by card almost anywhere. If not, you will find multiple ATM’s and currency exchange offices in the city where you can withdraw money.

Gibraltar is not a member of the European Union and Schengen Area. However, if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom or a member state of the European Union, you do not need a visa to enter Gibraltar. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you may require a visa to enter Gibraltar. 

This also means that the European roaming regulation might not apply here and you should therefore check with your provider whether you can continue to use your mobile data bundle without extra costs.

Tipping in Gibraltar is generally expected. It is customary to leave a tip of around 10% of the total bill. However, some restaurants may include a service charge in the bill.

You can drink the tap water in Gibraltar.

The power plugs and sockets in Gibraltar are type G, which are the same as those used in the United Kingdom. They operate on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

The time zone in Gibraltar in summer is GMT+2 and in winter GMT+1

Capital City



± 34.000


Gibraltar Pound (GIP)



Driving side


Calling code


Power plugs


Time zone

Winter GMT +1
Summer GMT +2

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