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Italy, the country of pizza and pasta, but it has so much more to offer than only food. The country is located in Western Europe and it’s largely surrounded by the Mediterranen Sea. It has a very diverse landscape, from mountains to beaches, from the beautiful countryside to impressives cities. Italy has it all: you’ll be blown away by its wonderful nature, the architecture in the villages and cities and of course the real Italian food.

Best Time to visit

Well, that depends on which part you want to visit in which conditions. In general the best time is during spring and autumn.

Not only for the weather but also to avoid crowds, especially in summer. During those summer months it can get really hot and there will be a lot of tourists.

In winter, the northern part of Italy can get really cold and snowy. While in the south, temperatures won’t go as low as in the north and there will be less tourists than during summer.


The official language in Italy is Italian. Other languages spoken by a smaller group of citizens are English, French, Spanish and German. In most tourists areas you’ll be able to communicate in English but not all Italian do speak fluent English.

The official currency in Italy is Euro (€) and you can pay by card almost anywhere. If not, you will find an ATM on almost every street corner where you can withdraw money.

Italy is a member of the European Union and Schengen Area, making it easy for travelers from other EU countries to visit without a visa.

This also means that the European roaming regulation applies here and you can therefore use your mobile data if you come from another EU country.

Tipping in Italy is neither mandatory nor expected. If the service was truly exceptional, you can tip 10-15% or round up the bill to express your appreciation.

It is safe to drink tap water in Italy.

In Italy there are three power plug types: Type C, F and L. They operate on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

The time zone in Italy in summer is GMT+1 and in winter GMT+2.

Capital City



± 59.000.000


Euro – €



Driving side


Calling code


Power plugs

C, F and L

Time zone

Summer GMT +2
Winter GMT +1

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